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Better visibility means better data management

Visibility, trust, discoverability.

Everyone benefits with Tableau Catalog. By providing a complete picture of the data and how it is connected to the analytics in the Tableau environment, Tableau Catalog increases the trust and discoverability for both IT and business users. Whether you're communicating changes being made to the data, reviewing a dashboard or searching for the right data for analysis, Tableau Catalog lets you feel confident your organization is always using the right data.

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A complete view of your data

Tableau Catalog automatically ingests all of the data assets in your Tableau environment into one central list. No need to set up an index schedule or configure connectivity. Quickly see all your tables, files, and databases in one place.

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Better understand data relationships

Migrating databases, deprecating a field or adding a new column to a table all have potential effects on the assets in your environment. With lineage and impact analysis, you can see not only what assets will have up and downstream implications but also who will be affected, minimizing headaches for everyone.

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Metadata in context

Data Details ensure even users who are only viewing a dashboard trust the data they're analyzing. With data quality warnings, simply set the status in one place and ensure all assets throughout the environment, from data sources to dashboards, provide users with the relevant information to confidently make business decisions.

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Find the right data for analysis

Knowing which data to start analysis from can be difficult. With more metadata and context made available when you connect to your data, rest assured you are using the right data for analysis.

Leverage the metadata across your organization

Metadata exists in multiple applications throughout your organizations. With the Metadata and REST APIs, bring the metadata to where the analysis is done: in Tableau.

Tableau Data Management empowers everyone

Through Tableau Catalog and Prep Conductor, Tableau Data Management ensures your organization consistently delivers the right data to the right people.

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