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What is Einstein Discovery?

Powered by machine learning (ML), Einstein Discovery delivers predictions and recommendations within Tableau workflows for smarter decision-making. Data scientists, analysts, and business users alike can create powerful predictive models without needing to write algorithms. Developed by Salesforce, Einstein Discovery offers an intuitive, no-code environment that empowers anyone to quickly and confidently make decisions guided by ethical, transparent AI in Tableau.

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Einstein Discovery capabilities

Improve outcomes with simple and intuitive predictive models

With Einstein Discovery, you can create trusted, predictive ML models—without writing a single line of code. Reduce reliance on data science teams with the intuitive model building wizard and model monitoring process, and go from data to insights fast so that every decision is a smart, guided one.

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Get answers fast–where and when you need them

Don’t just look at past performance: Bring tomorrow into today’s decisions with just a few clicks by embedding custom predictions anywhere people view or use Tableau. Einstein Discovery insights are integrated into your Tableau workflow, so you never need to disrupt your analysis.

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Empower people with trusted and transparent AI

Einstein Discovery is designed with our five AI ethics principles in mind. With a number of anti-bias and transparency features built-in, you can check the criteria used in Einstein’s predictions and recommendations, so you feel confident in your decisions and trust that you’re using AI responsibly, accurately, and ethically.

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The future of analytics is driven by AI

Tableau AI brings the future into the present, helping you make smarter decisions today. Driven by practical applications and built to surface actionable insights, the new Tableau Business Science capabilities innovate with AI, lowering the barrier to predictive modeling. By enabling more people to build, consume, monitor, and manage intuitive models, Business Science helps people and organizations answer pressing questions, anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, and quickly make difficult decisions with confidence.

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