Spot opportunities and predict outcomes with CRM Analytics

See it in action

Discover the story your data has to tell. CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) empowers your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics right in their workflow.

Tableau CRM

Make the right decision every time

Work more efficiently, spot trends faster, predict outcomes and get AI-based guidance on the best steps to take while you stay in the flow.

Tableau CRM

Know exactly what to do next

Use the action framework to take action on a record like collaborating in Chatter, updating records and sharing visualisations with the team.

Tableau CRM

Fully part of Salesforce CRM

CRM Analytics is native to Salesforce, so data can be woven seamlessly into every action and decision taken in Salesforce.  

Einstein Discovery in Tableau

Get trusted predictive models in your Tableau workflows for speedy decision-making.

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