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AI Fundamentals short course

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of data and artificial intelligence (AI)? From defining AI terms to exploring the ethics behind AI, students will learn the foundation of AI, how data plays an important role in AI, and mitigating biases in data.

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Free resource guide

What does AI have to do with data? Everything. Data is at the heart of AI technologies because AI is only as good (or bad) as the data being fed into it. Basic data skills like how to question, interpret, explore and communicate with data will help your students and faculty feel more confident about navigating the opportunities and pitfalls of AI...

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Data Literacy and skills have provided the understanding necessary to apply AI, especially in my research activities. It has also helped me to do pattern recognition when I am given a data set and tell stories with data to make an impact.




Student Stories

We reached out to our student community and asked them to tell us about their journey with data, and to see what advice they have for students interested in learning data analytics. 

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Extend your analytics journey and grow your network on campus

Tableau Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are Tableau champions in higher education, empowering others to acquire fundamental skills to improve their employability and inspire them to work towards a more data-driven future.

The Tableau Student Guide

Student Ambassador, Maria Brock, created an online guide for students who are learning Tableau. It’s filled with helpful dashboard tips, student interviews, certification prep, and more.

Academic Stories

Learn how schools around the world are giving their students a competitive edge by incorporating data analytics into their classrooms with Tableau.

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Learn Tableau at your own pace for free

Through Tableau for Students, students receive eLearning for free for one year. Find what path is right for you.

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Be a data rockstar with eLearning

Tableau is on a mission to create a data-literate world. Data Literacy for All is a free eLearning program that provides data skills, regardless of skill level. 

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Take advantage of our commitment to close the data skills gap by using our programs and resources to level up your data skills and the skills of those around you today!

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