See Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse in action.

Maximize your impact by empowering your stakeholders with AI. See how Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse provide personalized, contextual data and insights right in the flow of work.

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Improve the way you analyze data.

Navigate to Connect and prep data.

Connect and prep data.

Easily connect, build, and maintain data sources, while automating processes across your analytics workflow.

Discover and scale insights.

Use simple drag-and-drop instead of lines of SQL to discover and share hidden insights across every department.

Navigate to Leverage AI with speed and accuracy.

Leverage AI with speed and accuracy.

Leverage the latest in generative AI and machine learning to build visualizations, ask questions in natural language, and uncover insights in whole new ways.

See how Carter's creates business impact with Tableau.

Tableau has definitely played a key role in democratizing data for all of our employees, enabling us to build dashboards that show the right data to the right people at the right times. When all employees can analyze the data themselves as part of their jobs, the whole company grows stronger together.

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Create impactful data visualizations.

Building a dashboard with the right elements makes all the difference when telling a data story. Explore tips and tricks for creating data visualizations that will persuade, inform, and engage your stakeholders.

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Tableau is more than a product. It’s a community.

Tableau Community

Connect with the DataFam to grow your network and improve your analytics skills.

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Tim Ngwena

My Tableau Story “Tableau Tim” Ngwena

Tim Ngwena, Senior Consultant, Product Manager & Analytics Content Creator, shares his advice on building data and leadership skills through the Tableau Community.

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Alice McKnight

My Tableau Story Alice McKnight

Alice McKnight, Senior Consultant, shares her advice on career pivots and creating genuine connections through social media.

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Tableau Forums

Have a data or Tableau-related question? The Tableau Forums can help.

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Without the Tableau Community, I wouldn’t be where I am now—personally or professionally.

The community is built on a bedrock of sharing, inspiring, and educating. Being a part of the community is a pleasure, and representing it is an honor.

Get inspired with Tableau Public.

Tableau Public is a free online platform to explore, create, and share data visualizations. From scatter plots to Gantt charts to geospatial maps—Public is the place for impactful data storytelling.

Tableau Accelerators

Jumpstart your analysis with Tableau Accelerators.

Find insights faster with expert-built, ready-to-use dashboards. Tableau Accelerators span functions, industries, and enterprise applications so you can pick dashboards that fit your business needs and make data-driven decisions.